This is just an ordinary network made by sloth-grunge and vincentvangoghoutwithme! We will do promos and chat and reblog each others posts and selfies B) 

Here’s what you need to do:

  • You must have 5,000+ followers to join the network (we might ask for proof)
  • You must be following sloth-grunge and vincentvangoghoutwithme
  • Reblog this post, likes won’t count
  • You can tell us why you want to be in the network here and here
  • You can be any type of blog but humour blogs are preferred
  • You must be willing to participate in promos, chats and reblogging peoples posts
  • You must be active which means updating your blog atleast once a day

Thats basically it, we’ll be picking when this gets a good amount of notes. You could gain heaps of followers and notes and friends from our network so goodluck B) we will message the winners so keep your ask boxes open! 

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